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The exponential growth in the number of digital applications available to educators means schools and districts increasingly face challenges in maximizing the return on investment (RoI) across their contracted digital resources, while maintaining the fundamentals of security, privacy, and interoperability across different devices.

Manage 10 or 10,000 Schools. It’s easy with EduTone PASSPORT.

EduTone services many small to large school systems around the globe. We are proud to service the second largest public school district in the United States (650,000+ students, across 1000+ schools).

PASSPORT: One Platform for Smart Learning


Curate applications & content and distribute them to student desktops & mobile devices according to district policy.

PASSPORT offers a 21st century engaging classroom experience powered by EduTone’s Award-winning Single-Sign-On technology.


Integrate applications & content with your SIS, Active Directory, Google & other district IT systems

PASSPORT ensures automatic provisioning, seamless data management and integration across all school applications.


Measure the ROI & Academic Effectiveness of your Digital Learning Resources

PASSPORT captures every aspect of a student’s interaction and learning behavior. This data is used to deliver a secure, and effective digital learning experience to every student, anywhere and on any device of their choice.

PASSPORT Open Systems Architecture

EduTone is a global leader in education industry interoperability and open system initiatives such as Ed-Fi, IMS Global, and Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF).

PASSPORT is an Enterprise-grade open architecture platform, that ensures:

  • Highest level of data security & information privacy
  • Open systems integration with third party systems
  • Reduced costs associated with collecting, transporting and transforming data.
  • Operational transparency
  • Manageable, secure and auditable data interoperability and workflow management.

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